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    basic ewhoring tutorial

    Basic EWhoring Tutorial
    The eWhore Method: SocialMedia Edition
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The eWhore Method SocialMedia Edition
    With Gca.sh, you have a partner you can count on. Reliable with other projects since 5 years and
    over 750.000$ paid out to its german userbase, this service is bound to last.
    The payout is unusually high at a fixed 2.5$ per 1000 views and pays for all origins of traffic - 2.5$
    per 1000 views.
    If you decide to get referrals, you'll earn 20% of their profits. For life.
    As a bonus, you will find a signup code worth 3$ included as a bonus to kickstart your GCa.sh
    Enjoy this tutorial and the money you will be making!The eWhore Method
    Step 1: Setup GCa.sh Account
    If you haven't, sign up to Gca.sh. Click Register and fill out the form or simply register using
    Facebook, Google or Twitter. Use signupbonus as the vouchercode to receive 3$
    Step 2: Shorten Your Links
    Once logged in, you'll see this tool which you can use to shorten links:
    Use any URL you want to shorten, as for this method it doesn't really matter what you link to.
    Hint: Whenever someone clicks your link, you'll earn money. Sounds hard? Its not. With this
    method you will archieve 2000+ Clicks from just posting 1 Link.
    Step 3: Find Pictures of Hot Girls
    Head over to Here and pick some random hot girl.
    Upload 2 pictures to Imgur
    Shorten the imgur links with the tool from Step 2 in your user dashboard on GCa.sh
    Mask your links with Bit.ly
    Step 4: Go to Kik/Snapchat Websites and Post your Profile
    Go to this list of websites and submit your fake Snapchat/Kik-profile with your shortened links
    from Gca.sh
    1. Website #1
    2. Websie #2
    3. Website #3
    Step 5: Go to Kik / Snapchat sexting forum
    Go to any of the forums listed below and start spamming new threads in every category. Choose a
    thread title like
    "18/F/Horny looking for horny sexting buddy". The thread should look something like this:I'm 18, female, super
    horny :(
    Please help me get off :*
    here's my number: http://bit.ly/djq8w9
    Here's a pic of me: http://bit.ly/asdj8s
    Here's what I look like: http://bit.ly/ahsd89
    Here's a short sneak :* http://bit.ly/asdh88
    AND here is my snapchat && kik ! http://bit.ly/asxk33
    Please comment or I wont add u XOXO
    List of Forums:
    1. Website #1
    2. Website #2 BIG TRAFFIC
    3. Website #3
    4. Website #4 BIG TRAFFIC
    Hint: This is by far the best method out there to earn money with short links. This is an easy 20k
    clicks PER DAY.
    thanx for the post mate have to give it a shot

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