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    botnets trojans rats botnet trojan collection vids guides ★reskayleaks★

    Botnet,RATs & Trojan Collection+ Vids & Guides ★ReskayLeaks★
    Botnet,RATs & Trojan Collection+ Vids & Guides ★ReskayLeaks★

    Hey Guys! We're back!

    We've recently noticed that alot of malware and botnet code is being marketed online, despite the fact they have been leaked
    or are publicly available.

    Similar to our Guides Collection, we have found the most popular code being sold
    We will also be trying to update and add to help videos and pdfs, although these are hard to find in english :)

    Have fun building, developing and using these, and remember if you see anyone selling anything on ReskayLeaks lists,
    they are lazy scammers clogging up our forums and marketplace.

    Like what we do?
    Saved you from paying for something you can find free?
    let us know! and show your appreciation :)

    Botnet, RATs & Trojan Collection ★ReskayLeaks★

    Download Individually:



    Andromeda Botnet Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★

    Carberp Banking Botnet Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★            

    Zeus Botnet Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★


    Citadel Botnet Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★

    KINS (ZeusVM) Banking Trojan ★ReskayLeaks★

    Tinba Banking Trojan ★ReskayLeaks★


    Dendroid (Android RAT) ★ReskayLeaks★

    NanoCore (Windows RAT) Program ★ReskayLeaks★

    DarkCometRAT v5.3.1 (Windows RAT) Programm ★ReskayLeaks★

    njRAT (Windows RAT) Program ★ReskayLeaks★

    Quasar (Windows RAT) Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★

    Pupy (Windows RAT) Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★                  

    Jelly (Windows RAT) Source Code ★ReskayLeaks★
    Thanks for the share
    Very very thank for links magique
    thanks for the share <3
    All your links are deleted... Don't upload to mediafire, but thank you for the share
    Email: [email protected]
    Jabber: [email protected]
    add me on icq bro 614114521

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