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    carderscave ru for sale

    CARDINGF.COM holds a variety of tutorial forums, as well as posts that are used to help users improve their hacking skills. Most of the website is locked, unless you become a registered member. We claim to provide services for dumps, WU transfers, and shipping multiple items. CARDINGF  provides the most trustworthy escrow service, with satisfaction guaranteed 3,000+ Completed Escrow Deals.

    The forum also provides a list of its members, highlighting the verified users and VIP’s. We also provide up to date statistics of their current registered members. Compared to various other websites, CARDINGF gets a lot of foot traffic throughout the day 5,000 unique visitors+ (Google Analytics). Google rank 1 and Top results on Google for Hacking Forum or Carding Forum.

    VIP Subscriptions weekly profit: $100+
    Escrow Service weekly profit: $500+
    Weekly Donations: $150+
    Daily Visitors: 5,000+ (Google Analytics)
    Daily Registration: 70 Members
    Daily posts: 400+
    Domain registration age:  2011 (Expire 2016)
    Domain Renewal Cost: 10$ (.com)
    Domain is bulletproof (No DMCA)
    Google rank 1
    Forum software: MyBB (Secured, Updated to latest version - No bugs)
    Forum Database: Optimized 5GB
    Email Database: 25,000 Emails
    Users: 25,000+
    Posts: 170,000+
    Custom Theme worth: $500
    Custom built Plugins + Escrow System
    Verified and Trusted Vendors
    Cloudflare Protection ENABLED
    Server and DDOS Protection costs: $100 per month (Full Access)

    Price: $1,000 or custom offer (Bitcoin, Perfect Money or Western Union can be used.

    Complete Ownership will be handed over.
    hey has the forum been sold yet ?
    Not yet!
    hi. i need wu transfer, help me pls?
    How much are you selling it
    BY who?
    Still for sale ?
    This news kind of blows goats. I just got here and I appreciate the opportunity to register as I perceive cardingx.com to be one of the better forums I have seen thus far. However, I also perceive a forum to only be as good as the administration operating and maintaining it. If you don't mind me asking... I'm curious which variable(s) motivated your decision to post the forum up for sale??? You are not obligated to answer and I hope I am not out line by asking?
    I'm basically looking for somebody who'd take the ownership and continue, since this is kind of a time consuming job. This is the reason why the price is low. Time mostly.
    I will buy it

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