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    what fee 5 service escrow is it?

    Sticky Help Escrow Service [5% FEE] - What is it?
    Welcome to CARDINGF official Escrow Service run by our Escrow team.
    [Image: BzvlIyq.png]

    Just 5% FEE!

    What is Escrow Service?

    It's a service that gives the possibility for both buyer and seller in any case to deal safely and securely on this forum. The buyer pays the money to the escrow accounts that is accepted by us. If the Western Union or Bank Transfer is chosen as a payment method by buyer, the payment will be sent to a drop supplier who picks up payment on our behalf. If Ukash, MoneyPak or Paysafecard is chosen you must provide the Voucher Code & A SCANNED IMAGE of the Voucher receipt which must clearly show the code,time & date of purchase (This is to stop people using stolen vouchers). The last payment methods that can be used is Web Money, Bitcoin & Perfect Money which all you need is our account ID to send payment which you can request from Escrow (Just PM them). Once the buyer sends payment to one of the escrow accounts the buyer opens a thread in the Escrow section and must confirm that they sent money to the escrow account and who he/she is dealing with (What member). Once the escrow team confirms payment is received and a 5% is taken to pay for the service we will then get in touch with the seller to complete the deal, also the buyer should get in touch with them confirming that payment was sent to escrow to avoid confusion. Money will be released only when the seller confirms he/she completed deal but the buyer must also confirm that they received or is satisfied with the deal, Once that is done escrow will release money to seller but if deal is not completed or if buyer isn't satisfied, an investigation will arise to determine if money should or not be refunded. Please note 5% FEE will still be deducted for utilizing our service. This way the buyer will not lose any money just 5%... and seller will not be able to scam you.

    Advantage for the buyer:

    - Buyer's money is safe with escrow team until seller complete his part of deal.
    - Buyer will not get scammed.
    - Buyer have 100% chance to receive item/service or their money refunded.

    Advantage for the seller:

    - The seller knows that the buyer sent money to escrow and that the buyer is serious and they paid him com he can complete deal.
    - In both cases the seller have better chance of receiving money and buyer not losing money.
    hi there .... i would like to use your escrow services regarding a wu transaction .. .please let me know ..
    (Today)anti99go Wrote: hi there .... i would like to use your escrow services regarding a wu transaction .. .please let me know ..

    Hi there,

    Please send payment to der escrow account and open a thread here: http://CARDINGF.ru/forumdisplay.php?fid=15
    (Today)koliko Wrote: ??????????

    What question do you have bro?
    i would like to do a transaction with sahim for an iphone 5s
    i would like to do an escrow service with sahim for an iphone 5s please advice me on what to do
    Hi if you would like to deal with a member of the community through escrow you must chat with the seller first and a deal must exist first between buyer and seller. Once a price has been offered the buyer can send the funds to our official escrow accounts BTC or PM. (On how to buy BTC or PM click here: http://CARDINGF.ru/showthread.php?tid=99) and to find out what our official escrow account numbers are can be found here (http://CARDINGF.ru/showthread.php?tid=133) Once you have btc/pm and sent to escrow accounts please open a thread here: http://CARDINGF.ru/forumdisplay.php?fid=13 In your thread say Who you would like to deal with, why do you want to deal with him/her and how much money you sent to escrow. Once our escrow team confirm payment we will reply to thread saying payment received and send a message to seller inbox to complete deal. If they do not complete deal money will be refunded 97% and 3% for using our service. If deal is completed and buyer confirm money will be released to seller on request and 5% will be taken out for fee using our services. Any more questions don't hesitate to ask

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