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    by sent to your email selling giftcards amazon 250 50 price of mr mouse produced

    Verified & Trusted → Selling Amazon Giftcards $250 @ 50% of price (sent to your email)
    ONLY 500 EUR GC's for GERMANY!

    I can card Amazon giftcards straight to your email address. 1 hour time frame  -  after payment has been received. I only charge 50% of total amount of card (Currently can only do $250 codes. These codes are redeemable and usable without any problems to purchase anything off Amazon.

    Amazon . com (International)
    Card Value: 250 USD
    My Price: 125 USD
    Discount: 50%

    I can also card the following countries -
    Amazon.ca (Canada)
    Amazon.cn (China)
    Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom)
    Amazon.cojp (Japan)
    Amazon.de (Germany)
    Amazon.es (Spain)
    Amazon.fr (France)
    Amazon.it (Italy)

    ***People usually ask me the same questions every time com instead of  wasting my time  by answering them to each guy here are a most asked questions***

    What information do you need to process my order?

    I only need your email address (to send you the code).

    Can I stay anonymous?
    Yes. I'll only ask for your email address of where the code will be sent to (No amazon account is needed on that email).

    How long does it usually take to get my code?
    If I'm online and payment is received you get it within an hour of payment confirmation to receive your code to your email (Amazon processing times)

    Can I use the code across multiple amazon sites?
    No. Each code can only be used on the site you select. This is due to Amazon gift card system com when ordering please state which country Amazon site your using the  gift card.

    Do you sell larger value cards?
    Just $250 valued codes can be done at the moment. You can purchase bulk codes and redeem them into your amazon account balance or upon checkout.

    Can these codes be blocked or any risk using them?
    No all codes are just like purchasing the original ones and using them, not risky and nothing will happen. buy with calm and satisfaction.

    Contact me if  you have any additional questions or ready to purchase. escrow is accepted Embarrased !

    Payment methods: Bitcoin, Perfect Money
    do you accept escrow? i have contacted you thanks
    i buy one now i waiting for email will update and vouch when i receive it !!!!

    Update: i just got my code, service is legit big vouch.
    legit seller bought a couple off him before.
    Nice service mate.
    Do you do 10 euro notes too bro???
    Are u online z33per??? I am interested
    I'm online now mate, message me if you need anything.
    how i can contact u?
    Damn nice: how will I receive the money?

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