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     Bank Transfers, PayPal Skrill Hacked 

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    quick cash perfect money trusted transfers make hacked

    Verified & Trusted → (Trusted) Hacked Perfect Money Transfers (Make Quick Cash)
    Hey guys.

    $450 in Bitcoin = $1000 pm transfer
    $675 in Bitcoin = $1500 pm transfer
    $900 in Bitcoin = $2000 pm transfer
    $1553 in Bitcoin = $3450 pm transfer
    $2250 in Bitcoin = $5000 pm transfer
    $4500 in Bitcoin = $10000 pm transfer.

    All you need is a Perfect Money account and your ready to go, these transactions are cannot be charged back or nothing, and once you receive the transfer to your Perfect Money you can easily go buyer Bitcoin without ID verification

    Delivery times: usually 2 days

    These PM transfers come from stolen bank accounts, and a new method I have designed for it to transfer to your PM account.

    Whats com special about Perfectmoney?
    With perfectmoney you can goto any bitcoin exchange or seller, and buy without I'd, it's instant profit, such places like BTC-E

    Easy money to be made com don't miss out! Just contact me on here and we can get down to business, or you can also send me a private message via the forum for my contact details.

    Holy shit, this guy is the best thanks a bunch! Just bought $1000 transfer will be back, again thank you!
    Just received the pm transfers thanks lamer.
    Been working with this guy's and he is a honest, and trust worth guy.

    Constant cash out on BTC-E with his PM transfer.

    Just bought from this guy, received my perfectmoney $$$.

    Went to an exchange and got bitcoins lol!
    Glad your service is backup lamer, just made a purchase with you, everything went smoothly.
    You have my vouch.

    Best of luck.
    How to contact u bro
    I'm also interested in your service
    Please tell me the icq I needed
    how to contact you bro ?

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