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     Bank Transfers, PayPal Skrill Hacked 

    Author: Soha - Replies: 0 - Views: 3030
    SQLi Dorks for Gov Sites
    inurl:index.php?id= site:gov.pl
    inurl:index.php?id= site:gov
    inurl:news.php?id= site:gov.af
    inurl:oferta.php?id= site:gov.af
    inurl:trainers.php?id= site:gov.pl
    inurl:article.php?ID= site:gov.uk
    inurl:play_old.php?id= site:gov.au
    inurl:declaration_more.php?decl_id= site:gov.in
    [color=#b3b3b3]inurl:Pageid= si
    Author: Hasher - Replies: 4 - Views: 1293
    1670$ sent to escrow for deal
    10 Macbook pro 15.4 inch Retina + 5 Iphone5 16/32/64 gb + 5 Ipad 4gen 16/32/64 gb = 1670$ [Image: http://carderx.com/images/smilies/smilie...smoker.gif][Image: http://carderx.com/images/smilies/smilie...smoker.gif][Image: http://carderx.com/images/smilies/smilie...smoker.gif]
    please confirm..
    i want to receive in UK
    Author: Masoom - Replies: 3 - Views: 1508
    cc cleaner for carding :P
    CCleaner Professional and Business Edition's
    Cleans the following:
    • Internet Explorer. Temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat files.
    • Firefox. Temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, download history, form history.
    • Google Chrome. Temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, download history, form history.
    • Opera. Temporary files, history, cookies, super cookies, d
    Author: princeofdumps - Replies: 6 - Views: 1457
    Deal Scarface for two iphone 5
    two iphone 5 UNLOCKED : BLACK
    32 GB : 380$

    I talk with scarface he say i pay money to escrow i have 380$ in perfectmoney now
    Author: Criptor - Replies: 0 - Views: 1282
    Prepare for new method
    <font color="Lime">THIS IS A NEW THREAD TO GET YOU MAKING MONEY IN A FEW MONTHS</font></font><br>
    Okay here we go.<br>
    Most of you can card Microsoft points com this is basically a better way to use the points.<br>
    I'm pretty sure you mostly either <br>
    A) Use the points for your games etc<br>
    B) Selling the point codes or the accounts u redeemed them on<br>
    But now I am adding a C) to the list <img src="images/smilies/biggrin.gif" alt="" title="Big Grin" class="inlineimg"
    Author: Criptor - Replies: 7 - Views: 29100
    Guide to Carding for Noobs :D
    Ok, com I decided to create this guide for people out there who are struggling to get carded goods shipped. Too many people out there don't share info to people starting off that could be shared without hurting themselves or keeping their own methods fresh. com here goes:<br>
    What you need: <br>
    The most important thing is obviously the credit card. You can get these many places, but the quality of them will vary from where you buy them or how you get them. Another thing you need is a prox
    Author: jeremy933 - Replies: 5 - Views: 1823
    Get everything on paypal for free !
    This is not my tutorial ! i just share it !

    [align=center][quote]Remember this only works for some sites, it will most likely not work for shops or larger sites!

    Alright here are the instructions:

    1) Create a dummy paypal account and verify a bank card/ account onto it that has no money! Remember this is very important or else they will actually charge you! (This was no problem for me because I am poor)

    2) Once the account is ver
    Author: kindoq - Replies: 5 - Views: 1301
    Deal with SAHIM for 15 iphones, 1.78BTC
    Deal with SAHIM for 15 iphone 5S.

    1.78 BTC.

    Please confirm

    Author: coderB0x - Replies: 7 - Views: 1549
    Deal with Mekot (3000$ WU for 490$ PM)
    I sent 490$ to perfectmoney escrow account.

    country: nigeria
    i want to pick up the money with secret question...

    thank you :)
    Author: Miorl - Replies: 7 - Views: 1365
    Deal with Mekot 670$ FOR 5.000$
    I want: 5000$ WU
    I sent: 670$

    I wait escrow confirmation...

    thenk you