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     Bank Transfers, PayPal Skrill Hacked 

    Author: emvsmartcard - Replies: 3 - Views: 4846
    EMV writer software for 2xx dumps , bypass PIN verification
    EMV smart card is offering for sell the NEW software for EMV chip & PIN

    EMV R.B. Writer/Reader is created for track2 dumps with service code 201, 206, 207, 208, 210 , 215, 220 ,221, 223, 225 etc. But will also work well with 1xx's service code.
    This program will unlock dumps with EMV which was not available for you until now because POS ask for EMV.

    The latest version include algorithms and arqc dynamic bins for VISA, VISA ELECTRON, Mastercard,Maestro, AMEX and Discovery
    Very high approv
    Author: skullfire - Replies: 1 - Views: 679
    Skimmer + card reader/writer
    For sale 

    Wincor Nixdorf ATM gsm skimmer with bluetooth $600
    PinPad gsm $600
    Msr 206 + 20 free blank cards $200

    Full kit price $1100

    3kits available
    Author: g3c0l - Replies: 0 - Views: 1142
    Emv 201 220 and Other Code dumps Writer (New Link)
    [Image: http://s1.postimg.org/6uzwqlhwv/jcop.png]
    Jcop Card for write a dumps new 2016

    for download and tutorial download here


    And for EMV All Tools Mix from braziL and more country spanish mexico bin

    here for the download

    Author: Soccorio - Replies: 2 - Views: 1845
    Chipso Revolution software (emvchipso.com) finished and tested) Clone on EMv
    Hello people,

    This is top rated seller of chipso EMV - Best top rated emv software - You can check our work on krebsonsecurity.com Search : Revolution software.
    Brian talks about it.

    Chipso EMV!

    You can use any writer ez100pu ACR 83 ACR92 omnikey 3121 or NONUS You only NEED T2/ (versions latest that are now being used now maybe can work with others new coming ones) and it work on all pos models ..when ask pin you insert any 4 digits sample 0000. The buyer will be provided couple of b
    Author: emvseller - Replies: 0 - Views: 791
    Smart (EMV) Card Writer software for carding
    Smart (EMV) Card Writer software for carding

    All you need for writing chip card is track2 from magnetic stripe card.
    Simply put track2 into program and press button. It’s done.

    ICQ : 671358979

    Price : Write me (Only serious buyers)

    [Image: https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/06/14/emcv.md.jpg]
    [Image: https://www.anony.ws/i/2016/08/09/HackingEMV.md.jpg]
    Author: PiedPiper - Replies: 8 - Views: 8360
    Keyloggers, Stealers, RATs, Botnets and Carding softwares
    Hello everyone.
    I have a large collection of
    Malware (for POS and ATM, etc),
    Dump writer (Jerm)
    Dosers & DDosers
    SMS and Email bombers
    Mac and HDD Spoofers
    and a lot more

    In this area, whatever you need, I'll provide for you.
    You can use this forum's escrow
    Email or PM me for more info.